I Fritti de Sora Milvia

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Via Cassia, 4, Roma, RM, Italia


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A Ponte Milvio esiste una friggitoria che ama la tradizione romana e che è apprezzata anche dal popolo del take away.

Siamo tornati a distanza di un paio d’anni dalla prima visita e dobbiamo sottolineare che la qualità e il prezzo sono rimasti invariati mentre riscontriamo piacevolmente un miglioramento nel servizio con un packing comodo e accattivante.

Ci siamo dati alle polpette più saporite come quella di bollito, alle melanzane, al tonno e al pollo…una più buona dell’altra (anche se quella di bollito ha decisamente una marcia in più). Il fiore di zucca fresco e croccante. Uno di quei rari casi in cui la varietà si sposa a meraviglia con la qualità. Come molte friggitorie di una volta troverete la cucina a vista e la cordialità.

I fritti sono sempre freschi e molti addirittura espressi, se non altro perchè il locale è spesso preso d’assalto. La cura nelle ricette tradizionali della friggitoria romana e allo stesso la voglia di stupire il palato raggiungono da Sora Milvia un equilibrio prezioso. Non limitandoci ai supplì abbiamo assaggiato: gli anelli di cipolle, l’ottimo fiore di zucca, la mortadella (la “mortazza” romanesca), le polpette di bollito, la mozzarella in carrozza, il supplì alle melanzane.

Spesso troverete i cartocci di fritti di pesce. Gli orari consentono di saziarvi anche di notte, magari con un supplì cacio e pepe.

Uscite da Sora Milvia con i sacchetti pieni di fritti ed incamminatevi verso lo storico ponte Milvio. Occhio alla pista ciclabile se non volete fare acrobazie per salvare le vostre delizie. Scordatevi le posate tipo The Knife e sentite i battiti del vostro cuore Heartbeats ormai fritto anch’esso.

DA NON PERDERE: Assaggiate di tutto, fatevi consigliare dalla vostra curiosità!!!

Northern Rome. It’s not the heart of the city but it’s where a considerable part of recent pop culture and ancient history meet. It’s the history of the bridge Ponte Milvio, now a pedestrian one since 1978, but still a famous landmark for whoever has to indicate the area: “Let’s go to Ponte Milvio” means, let’s go somewhere in the surroundings. It recently became the main character of a story of love padlocks, literature and even politics: look what the New York Times’ reporter Ian Fisher wrote about it here.

Don’t forget that for young couples nothing like the celebrated Juliet’s balcony in Verona can represent the eternity of love, but if you don’t plan a trip to the famous Capuleti’s house, but you feel like declaring your feelings to your partner, Ponte Milvio can replace it quite well.

It can also be considered the area where entertainment is at its best: the museum MaXXi, the “park of music” Auditorium and the main football stadium Olimpico are all located nearby, and you can choose between a concert, an exhibition of modern art or a football match (Roma or Lazio, anyone?).

If after all of this you feel hungry, take the Roman road Cassia, which just departs from here, and at the beginning you will find a oasis of delight, with palms of fritters and ponds of sandwiches. I fritti de Sora Milvia’s intent is well explained in their website (sorry, Italian only): why not building up a place where old and new can meet and find an ideal compromise between modern food habits and ancient recipes? The experiment resulted in this tiny shop, one of its own kind.

They kept the name friggitoria, a sort of paradise for deep – or stir- fried food. In ancient times it was a stall, now they are more like proper shops and often serve pizza and sandwiches along the fritters. Fried food deserves a skilled hand and a lot of experience: it should be dry, not oily, well cooked inside, crunchy outside. And it deserves also the best of the ingredients: oil, for example, should be filtered often and changed a few times during the day and it should be a good quality peanuts or light olive one, used separately.

In this friggitoria, they claim they do, and if you taste it you instantly trust them: this is, in a word, probably one of the best in Rome. They apply their knowledge and secolar experience but turned it to modern by using only bio and certificated meats, veggies and flours, and matching the flavours in original and special combinations.

How else would you call otherwise a cocoa/pepper supplì? If you are more on a traditional side though, typical plain supplì and such are available too: a classic one like filetto di baccalà (battered fried dried cod) is a real feast!
We usually taste something and select what we were struck with, anyhow, this time we feel we cannot limit the choice at one or two. This is what we had – a lot, yes!…: Anelli di cipolle (onion rings), fiore di zucca (fried zucchini flower), polpette di bollito (boiled meat balls), mozzarella in carrozza (“mozzarella in carriage”, a slice of mozzarella, sandwiched in two slices of bread then deeped in beaten egg and fried), supplì alle melanzane (aubergine supplì). Sometimes you can even find fish cartoccio (paper cone): every day they have specials and menu changes accordingly. It’s also open at night and they can even cook at your own place… what a nice solution for a great house party!

The perfect soundtrack: forget your fork, your spoon, and The Knife: listen to their Heartbeats and use your own two hands (keep them clean!), feel the friggitoria mode.

Highlights: let your curiosity guide you and… go only when you are starving!

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