Il Panino delle Notti Romane

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Via di Porta Castello, 7, Roma, 00193 RM, Italia

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Una vera istituzione per il popolo della notte.

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Insegne non ne vedrete, gente invece si, e tanta. Nei fine settimana notturni noterete macchine parcheggiate in tripla fila e gente appena sfornata dai locali. Tutti a far la fila per un gustoso panino con la salsiccia. Dietro al bancone sono minimo in tre quindi non aspetterete molto; se ancora non avete le scelto ricordatevi che siete liberi di crearvi qualsiasi panino vogliate. Il vero “must” di Manolo, tuttavia, sono i panini dei supereroi.

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C’è Spider Man, Dylan Dog, Batman e il mio preferito… il Tex (e molti altri). Li potrete scegliere in due formati: piccolo e medio; dove per medio s’intende che avrete bisogno dello stomaco di Bud Spencer per finirlo. Ci sono anche le piadine speck e provola e cicoria e salsiccia. Di solito dopo i miei dj-set fuggo in pellegrinaggio da Manolo perciò dedico ai suoi panini questo brano di TigaYou gonna want me. Viene voglia di ballare con un mega panino tra le fauci. Si abbina perfettamente alla fame chimica e ai nottambuli affamati.

Assaggiate: panini dei supereroi e panino con salsiccia!!!

Big eaters? I’m talking to you. The place we introduce today is not for milksops, rather for well-built, real machos. At least, you can give such an impression biting your enormous sandwich, winking at the chicks around you. You have to be a starving dancefloor animal, or at least, a fan of transgression. If you find this description would fit you, there’s nothing more satisfying than a panino at Manolo, one of the most famous and rewarded paninoteca in Rome. Ironically it is located in Borgo, the “town” of the Vatican City, but there’s nothing less sacred than a panino at this shop. Much to our delight, the transgression is just inside the bread, a real treat which is a sin itself. A harmless sin which only makes you gain some weight, luckily!

Have a look around you, and you will see how many sinners are gathering here: being close to the Lumsa university, it’s a must for students, but also a celebrated night snack shop for whoever has the munchies.
Order your sandwich, the guys at the counter will grab one and then it’s just up to you: choose the ingredients you like to compose your own. We advice you, however, to try the salsiccia (sausage) one. Fantasy, we said: yes, and it’s not only about yours. The characters that populated our word when we were young are all present on a panini menu: they are all named after them. So girls will dream over their heroine Wonder Woman, a salmon and-something-more sandwich, while guys would rather try a Hulk, or a Superman.

Which one do you prefer? Filled with all the possible ingredients you can incidentally dream of, from cheese to lettuce, from ham to mayo, from mushrooms to grilled aubergine, they come in two sizes: piccolo, the S-size, and medio, the M-size, an incredibly generous M that resembles an XL. Try for example the Tex, a rich sandwich filled with mayo, mozzarella, mushrooms, parmesan cheese, salame and tabasco sauce: isn’t it a full meal itself?
After all, you will need a great boost of energy to face the crowd queeing at Musei Vaticani or at the Basilica; and then to head to Castel Sant’Angelo, better taking the walkable Passetto, to better feel the atmosphere.

The perfect soundtrack: my fellow Riccardo, stops at Manolo before going home, everytime he works as a DJ around here. Let’s put a dance rhytm to celebrate him! This is what you can find at his DJ-sets: Tiga – You gonna want me.

Manolo highlights: panino con salsiccia and superheroes panini!

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