La Pizza Bianca del Forno delle Meraviglie

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Via Gerolamo Cardano, Roma, RM, Italia

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Roma è città d’arte e mestieri… fatti ad arte.

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Il Forno delle Meraviglie gioca a sedurre il nostro palato fin dal 1960 e si sente. La pizza bianca è sempre calda e spennellata come si deve. Oltre alla pizza bianca potete trovare anche pizze rustiche, supplì e pizze farcite in vari modi. Il servizio è veloce nonostante il forno sia sempre pieno di gente. C’è chi compra la pasta per farsi la pizza in casa (scende lacrimuccia di nostalgia), e chi sceglie una delle tante crostate da portare a casa.

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Lo shopping di viale Marconi può snervare chiunque, perciò sedetevi 5 minuti su una delle panchine di legno poste di fronte il Forno delle Meraviglie. Ciancicate in pace, i rumori del traffico e della gente sembreranno lontani mentre il calore della pizza appena sfornata dilagherà per pochi/tanti attimi di piacere. E’ proprio il forno delle meraviglie. Qualcosa di meravigliosamente fuori tema, di estemporaneo e allo stesso tempo adiacente. Ho pensato di abbinare Cannonball di Damien Rice. Penso che sia uno splendido isolante acustico quando, intorno, tutto è un po’ caotico e banale.

Assaggiate: Pizza Bianca appena sfornata!!!

This time we suggest you to head to viale Marconi, a long avenue which is roughly split in two parts by the river Tevere: a first one, where no noteworthy attractions are to be found apart from the station Marconi on the Line B, and the second one, which to the contrary is totally packed with shops and bars. Much to your surprise, on a Saturday afternoon this street is as crowded as Piazza di Spagna and around. Hordes of teenagers will overflow in the streets for a shopping session, and in summer hundreds of them will queue  for an ice-cream. And even when it’s not a Saturday, traffic jam would do its part as well. If you are bothered by the crowd and the noise, you have a couple of options to escape: heading to another area OR taking a seat on the wooden bench in front of Il Forno delle Meraviglie, smell the lovely bread and pastries and order your warm slice of pizza bianca that came out of the oven just a few seconds before, pretending you are eventually in Heaven.

This is a casual shop with a long history and a great passion for patisserie, fresh pasta and oven baked products. There is so much to taste here – just go for what is more appealing for you. They opened the shop back in 1960 (but they claim on their website that their ancestors started the activity in 1808) and since then worked hard to satisfy their long-term customers. This is not a trendy area, and rarely tourists would come here for a meal. The standard customer would rather be the old lady that lives at the third floor with her tiny poodle, who has a trained eye for quality and a special care for her savings. With these premises, you can be sure that this Forno offers the best, and at a very competitive price. It is, literally, the “Forno of Wonders” (that is what its name actually means). Also, why not being the pioneer in discovering such a WONDERful place and suggest it to your pals?

A small digression: talking about beautiful spots, one of the four ancient major papal basilicas, San Paolo Fuori Le Mura, is not far away. On a sunny day you can even walk a distance that barely exceeds 2 km.

The perfect soundtrack: Isolate yourself. When chasing the crowds has shown its limits and all you want is to take a rest, first play the right music: Cannonball.

Il Forno delle Meraviglie highlights: fresh-baked pizza bianca.

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